Go through Port Sarim

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In the end is OSRS gold taken, he gets angry and accidentally reveals about the leprechaun that is hiding in the nearby tree. He also suggests that it is best to inquire with him for Zanaris whereabouts.

"Chop", instead or "Chop down."

In the next step, head west to seek out a tree that rather oddly, instead "Chop-down" offers the only "Chop" possibility. Leprechaun known as Shamus will appear after that you've clicked on it. If you ask him for Zanaris whereabouts, he'll tell you to contact Dramen staff. Chop down a tree inside Entrana Dungeon is required in order to acquire this.

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This is Entrana's island. Entrana

Items required: Combat runes, a knife and quality food

Entrana regulations don't allow you to carry arms or weapons, however, instead, it is possible to carry the followingsteps:


Quality Food

A knife and logs

Materials to create better armor, like thread, a dragonhide, require or leather

God books


There are a few options for clothing include Full Graceful and H.A.M Robes


Runes (for combat and teleportation)

Go through Port Sarim. You will find a bank deposit box, as well as monks of Entrana at the north eastern dock. You can take the boat to Entrana after you have stored your Axe in the bank deposit box. Head east through the temple after boarding off the boat. After that, head to the north, crossing the bridge, and then west. In front of a dungeon's entrance, there will be monks. Go inside the dungeon and climb down.

It is important to buy RS gold note that your prayer will be cut to almost 0 when you enter the dungeon. It's highly recommended that you bring at the very least one prayer potion in case you're unable to discern.