But specifically Blizzard assigns the blame to some old software

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Sometimes it is -- right up until the point when everything collapses in a flaming heap.Diablo 2 Resurrected's servers are falling into the ground due to "modern players' behaviour"Diablo II Resurrected came out to D2R Ladder Items widespread persistent server issues. Today, a Blizzard community manager offered insights into the cause of the issue. It's partially a 20-year-old program, as well as some contemporary gamer behavior.

Resurrected's server issues during the past couple of weeks have been getting worse. This culminated in several instances of server downtimes in the last week, in which the global outage was caused, Blizzard say, by an increase in traffic. "This was a new line of operation which our servers had never encountered before, and not even prior to launch," reads the post on the Blizzard forums.

This was compounded by an upgrade we released earlier in the day that was designed to boost performance around game development. These two events overloaded our global database, causing it to time out. We took the decision to roll back the Friday update that we had previously deployed hoping to ease the load on the servers going into Sunday and also giving us the opportunity to investigate deeper into the root cause."

It turned out that it wasn't enough. Sunday was a much greater growth in traffic and servers were again smashed. On Monday, they were again down. The link above is long and admirably detailed in the explanation of why this has happened.

But specifically Blizzard assigns the blame to some old software that was used for creating and joining games and also reading characters from the database. "We did optimize this service in multiple ways to conform to Buy D2R Ladder Items more advanced technology, however, like we mentioned earlier, a lot of our issues are due to the creation of games," says the post.