Light rain and red dust

At this time, Li Shimin appeared in front of Li Caiyu with some distress and told Li Caiyu. No need to wait for Chai Shao, because Chai Shao is already drunk in Yuxianfang. It's quite possible to spend the night there.


"Dad, I told you, just friends, nothing else." Yao Yu looked at his father with a natural expression and Pure Brightness eyes. Yaoyu's father pulled her to sit down and hugged her gently: "Dad is just worried about you." "Yes, I know." Yao Yu leaned against his father and sighed in his heart. Early in the morning, Director Du and people from relevant parties in B city accompanied Xu Yizhong to have dinner in the hotel and sent them away. Yao Yu went directly to the hotel. Jialin Group drove two cars, Xu Yizhong drove his own car, and Du Lei sat in the co-driver's seat. Yao Yu said hello to Director Du and got on the bus. Director Du said to Xu Yizhong with a smile, "Yizhong, be careful on the way, Xiaolei. Remember to fasten your seat belt on the highway.". Yi Zhong, please drive slowly. Xiaoyu will get carsick. 'All Right. Goodbye Xu Yizhong answered with a smile. As he drove away, he glanced at Du Lei's clenched hand and looked in the rearview mirror at Yao Yu, who was going to sleep when he got on the bus. This is so much fun! Director Du's affection and love for Yao Yu seems to be no less than his own daughter. What is the relationship between Yao Yu and Du Lei's family? Is this what makes Du Lei always have a knot in her heart about Yao Yu? Yao Yu is sleeping. She's not going to chat in the car. Du Lei did not sleep, the spirit is very good, looking for a topic to chat with Xu Yizhong. She did not shy away from Yao Yu in the car and took Xu Yizhong pretending to be her boyfriend as a joke. Du Lei smiled at Xu Yizhong, who was concentrating on driving, and said cheerfully, "Yizhong, what if my father comes to A city?" "You can find another boyfriend to show him and say that this is the real master, who has already made fun of me." That's a good idea. They are conservative. In B city, girls get married in their mid-twenties, so they are anxious, aren't they, Yao Yu? "Mmm." Yao Yu narrowed his eyes and a word came out of his nose. Du Lei can't wait? Feeling a faint weariness, she felt that she really wanted to sleep now. However, Du Lei did not intend to leave her alone. By the way,industrial racking systems, what about you, Yao Yu? Did your parents urge you? "No, I'm in charge of my family. It's not like you don't know." Yao Yu answered lazily. Du Lei chuckled. "I don't believe it.". Who is not in a hurry as a parent? What does she want to hear? Or what did she want Xu Yizhong to hear? Yao Yu simply sat up straight and said with a smile, "Yes, didn't you ask when you came back this time?"? I said, take Tong Sicheng back when I go home next time. Simple, no need to think. Xu Yizhong trembled in his heart and closed his mouth tightly. He looked back at Yao Yu in the rearview mirror with a casual and lazy look and a half-smile in his eyes. Who is she talking to? Does she really want to take Tong Sicheng home? Now he suddenly felt that they talked too much, chatted too much, and laughed too much. He honked his horn vigorously and quickly overtook the car in front of him. Du Lei glanced at him, smiling like a spring flower and did not stop the topic: "I said, you have such a good relationship, it is rare to be together again.". It's better than me. I don't know where my other half is. "It can't be helped. You have a high vision." Du Lei laughed at herself: "I didn't find anyone as affectionate as Tong Sicheng!" Yao Yu had no interface and closed his eyes to sleep again. Xu Yizhong directly back to the company, Xu Yiyang looked at the information, nodded and said: "You can invest, mobile racking systems ,cantilever racking system, open a meeting to discuss." "Big Brother, I don't care about B City. It's too much trouble." "Yi Zhong, in fact, I talked to the old man about this matter, he was very happy, you can ah, pretend to be a boyfriend, can bring an opportunity for the group, after the calculation of a beautiful man.". To tell you the truth, I think Du Lei is really good, and her family background is also good. Think about it? Xu Yiyang laughed at his brother's joke. Don't mention it, brother, because of this, your brother really fell into the pit. Xiaoyu will definitely not accept me. Her family is familiar with Du Lei's family. "Called Xiaoyu?" Xu Yiyang exulted and finally knew what was on his brother's mind. Don't tell the old man that there is no word. Very difficult to deal with. Xu Yizhong was upset when he remembered what Yao Yu had said about Tong Sicheng. Brother, don't give me any more work these days. "I'd like to wait until it's over." Xu Yiyang looked at Xu Yizhong with a straight face. Well, I was just about to make an appointment with Zhang Linshan. Familiar and Unfamiliar (Part 1) Qianchen is very unhappy these days. Today, I almost made a mistake in the ranking of leaders, and I was severely scolded by the editor-in-chief. She knew she was in the wrong and listened to the lecture with her head down. She can not help but call Xiao Yang, things at home make her upset, work today is not satisfactory, she wants Xiao Yang. A thousand dust is like a sparrow with wet wings in the wind and rain, fluttering to hide under Xiao Yang's wings. For six years, Qian Chen has been used to looking for Xiao Yang whenever he is in trouble. His soft voice will calm the turbulent river and return to peace, will drive out the violent wind and turn to constancy. However, today's phone call did not bring the expected comfort to Qianchen. She heard the sound of shuffling cards on the phone again, which stimulated her eardrums. Qianchen felt exhausted. She was silent for a while and asked him softly, "Ah Yang, are you playing cards again?" "Well, accompany corporate clients." "Don't fight, I want to see you." Xiao Yang is very embarrassed: "a thousand dust, I finished to find you, I really can not leave now." Xiao Yang said as he played cards. I really accompany the client today. Several people on the table are also old acquaintances of the company, today just gave a list to their company, after talking about things, someone proposed to play cards, Tong Sicheng is not playing cards, Xiao Yang went. He was very happy that if the company continued to develop at such a speed, as Tong Sicheng said, one year would be enough. Tong Sicheng has given up the plan to go to work in the software park and decided to do well in the company. Xiao Yang divided the work with him. Most of the external social activities were handed over to him, and Tong Sicheng specialized in technology and developed products at the same time. The characters of the two people are also dynamic and static, and they cooperate very well. Xiao Yang eagerly looked forward to early results, early to get rid of his mother's prejudice against him. But recently, Qianchen is more clingy to him than before. He knew that Qianchen's family put too much pressure on her. But every time she heard Qianchen complain, she talked about her parents and said how their children were. No matter how good-tempered Xiao Yang was, he also felt tired. He sighed,push back racking system, "I'm looking for you, huh?"? Wait, I touch! 。