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At this time, Li Shimin appeared in front of Li Caiyu with some distress and told Li Caiyu. No need to wait for Chai Shao, because Chai Shao is already drunk in Yuxianfang. It's quite possible to spend the night there.


Ling Meng'er was slightly stupefied for a few times, but she didn't insist any more. Then she nodded and put things away. She said, "Master Zhang is noble in character and integrity, but I'm just being pretentious!" "Well, the superfluous words can be omitted. Let's get to the point." The Master of the Lotus Sect seemed to know something. He opened his mouth and said, "If the Outer Heaven is in turmoil again today, the Demon World has once again launched a powerful attack and killing for billions of years. Their ambition cannot be belittled by us. So we should consider how to restore the harmony between the Demon Alliance and the Outer Heaven Forces!" The words fell, everyone was stunned, but Ling Meng did not say a word. She glanced at the Master of the Lotus Sect and smiled stiffly at the corners of her mouth. "It seems that the Master already knows why I'm here," she said. "Please forgive me. We don't intend to calculate you, but when you get close to the Lotus Sect, my disciples will calculate your identity, strength and motive at the first time. This is the rule of the Lotus Sect!" Master Dan Dao of the Lotus Sect. Ha ha, and the lotus faction is really powerful, everything is one step faster, so, the road of cultivation is also one step faster! The younger generation admires! The Master of the Lotus Sect said no more. I nine days phoenix pavilion although can't do with your faction so aloof from worldly affairs, but the matter of heaven and earth, also can catch the wind, the sect told,heavy duty rack manufacturers, this time the demon alliance is completely encouraged by the spirit demon world, attack and kill the sky, let the whole demon alliance become their vanguard to kill the starry sky, therefore, for today's plan can only stop the demon ghost way so crazy Let them realize that they are just other people's chess pieces, with the temperament of those demons and ghosts, they will not continue to attack and kill my Tianwaitian forces,industrial racking systems, then the plan of the people in the spirit and demon world will go down the drain! Ling Menger said with fervor and assurance. Do you want me to come forward and convince the people of the Demon Alliance? Master of the Lotus Sect said in a faint voice. As soon as Ling Meng'er heard this, she said unhurriedly, "This is not the intention of the younger generation. However, the Lotus Sect is a hidden sect. It is responsible for leading all mortals in the world to ascend. No matter good or evil, immortals or demons, many of them are inextricably linked with the Lotus Sect. If the Master comes forward, I'm afraid the Demon Alliance will also give the Master some thin face!" "Let's discuss this later. It's not up to you to decide whether to do it or not." And the master of the Lotus Sect is still indifferent. When Ling Menger heard this, there was a flash of anger in her eyes, but soon she quickly faded away. That being the case, the younger generation will no longer demand, after all, the younger generation is only to convey the meaning of the school! Ling Menger nodded and said neither humble nor pushy. Ok, in that case, let's go down and rest for a while. It's really hard to run all the way! Without any procrastination, drive in racking system ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, the master of the Lotus Sect waved his hand directly, and two beautiful and graceful women wearing masks stepped into the hall. Take the guest down to rest! The Master of the Lotus Sect said lightly to the two disciples. Master, please hope to give us a clear answer, after all, we also need to explain to the school! Ling Menger looked embarrassed and said. The Master of the Lotus Sect looked at Ling Menger lightly, then glanced at her without saying a word. Ling Yan, who had been staring at him from beginning to end, paused for a moment and said, "I'll give you an answer tomorrow. You can rest for a day before you talk about it." As soon as Ling Meng'er heard this, her tense face relaxed slightly. She nodded and said, "Well, that Meng'er will take the place of Jiutianfeng Pavilion. Thank you for teaching the elder!" Ling Meng son actually mixed to what extent? How dare you say it directly instead of Jiutian Fengge? Ling Yan is slightly surprised.. "Take the distinguished guests down to rest!" And the master of the Lotus Sect said again. Yes, Master! The two female disciples nodded gently and then said to Ling Meng'er, "Ladies and gentlemen, please.." Words fall, Ling Menger and others have stood up, but the same, Ling Yan did not immediately stand up. Menger, you rest first, I think.. "Ling Yan whispered to Ling Menger.". Ling Meng'er winked slightly, smiled and said, "Say hello to my sister for me!" "Well!" Ling Yan patted her on the head, smiled, watched Ling Menger and others leave, and then turned to look at the Lotus Sect. However, at a glance, Ling Yan felt that there seemed to be a change in the eyes of Zhang Jiao. "What's the matter if President Ling doesn't go down?" Master Dan Dao of the Lotus Sect. Zhang Jiao has great magical powers. He must have known that I was thinking of someone. Ling Yan laughed. "I don't know," said the Master of the Lotus Sect. "You'd better make it clear. This will save everyone's time." "I want to see Liu Minger!" Ling Yan said without reservation. I can agree to your request, but there is one person who may not agree! The Master of the Lotus Sect is still indifferent.. Chapter 1263 rules are made by people. "Who?" Ling Yan raised the question almost subconsciously. I think President Ling should remember the disciple whose mask you took off. "And the Lotus Sect Master said lightly." She? Ling Yan brain quickly passed a beautiful woman, that cold and incomparable, proud and incomparable look, so that Ling Yan's look can not help but stunned a few minutes. Ling Yan corners of the mouth show a trace of bitterness, he took off her mask, Ping she was very angry, will not easily let go of their own? "If you look at her face, then you are qualified to fight her. If you can't fight her, then you can never see your wife!" Master of the Lotus Sect said in a faint voice. Ling Yanxin couldn't help jumping up. He heard a clue in the words of the Master of the Lotus Sect. Could it be.. "If you win, what's the reward? If you lose, what's the reward?" Don't make such a promise with your body. Ling Yan shouted in his heart. Don't worry, if you win, she won't marry you. I'm a member of the Lotus Sect. I will die alone in this life. There are few exceptions. If you win her, you can see Liu Ming'er. If you lose, you will never see Liu Ming'er again in this life! When Ling Yan heard this, he immediately became angry. "What do you mean?" He asked? Do you want to break up our husband and wife? "According to the rules of my Lotus Sect,asrs warehouse, you can never take away tomorrow. Once you join my sect, you will be a member of my sect!" Master Dan Dao of the Lotus Sect. Ling Yan did not make a sound, her words have not finished.