Slimming the Dragon-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

This time Master Qi suddenly came to ask us to clear your way with you. This is not a good thing for our family. Business, business, only when there is interest will we invest. This is not a small thing." 。


Everyone watched the result with bated breath, and Lu Qi stood like a mountain, gathering his strength to fight against the dizziness that hit his brain like a wave. He has been trained to be invulnerable to all kinds of poisons. But at this moment, although he had used up all his strength, he still had no effect. After about a cup of hot tea, Lu Qi's feet went limp and he fell to the ground with a bang. His eyes were closed and his face was bloodless! With a loud shout, Lu Xing pulled out a long knife and rushed straight at Pei Chun, chopping fiercely. But his martial arts were far inferior to his younger brother Lu Qi, so Pei Chunfeng opened seven or eight strokes and suddenly took away his long sword. "Look at the fist!" Murong Chi shouted. The sound shook the four fields, and at the same time a punch split out, the force of the fist emptied and roared away, and the momentum was powerful. Pei Chun used the secret to point to kungfu, a point to go, "sniff" a ring, Murong Chi but feel a numbness on the left side of the body, momentum suddenly frustrated. It turned out that Pei Chun's "Tianji Finger" was Murong Chi's nemesis. His fingers were as sharp as a sword, piercing his fist and poking the acupoint. If Murong Chi had not been gifted, he would have fallen to the ground. He could stand it, but half of his body was numb. And Pei Chun's Tiangang palm force can also resist the opponent's fist force, so when he sends out a finger, then the right palm claps out, against the opponent's fist force, so as not to be injured by the opponent. As soon as Murong Chi took a breath of True Qi,aluminium edge trim, he immediately recovered, took a big step and rushed to Pei Chun, swinging his fist and striking quickly. This time it was hand-to-hand combat, and Pei Chunti tried his best to deal with it. The two men immediately fought fiercely, and the situation was very dangerous. South traitor Shang Gongzhi knew the opportunity very well. As soon as he saw Lu Qi fall down, he immediately flew away and lost his trace. Boller wanted to take the opportunity to use the most vicious tactics to kill Shang Gongzhi, but the mind moved, the other side has escaped without a trace, had to give up this idea. It's not that he didn't think that Shang Gongzhi might go back to the city and take Yun Qiuxin away,tile profile factory, but recently he has taught Yun Qiuxin several methods of poisoning. If Shang Gongzhi is not very careful, it will be difficult to escape this disaster. And because of Yunqiuxin's weak temperament, if she wants to harm people, she will never be able to do it. But when Shang Gongzhi persecuted her, she killed her in order to save herself. But Shang Gongzhi did not know that Yunqiu's heart would also be poisoned, and most of them would bring about their own death. So Boller only watched Lu Xing's actions closely. He knew that the accused emperor had struck him several times with a poisonous snake letter earlier. Although it was a pole, it had hurt his internal organs and weakened his martial arts a lot. Therefore, as soon as you make a move, you must give priority to poison, supplemented by martial arts. Lu Xing saw Pei Chun and Murong Chi fighting drama, he could not intervene, then picked up his brother, back to one side. He suddenly found that the seventh brother did not seem to die of poisoning, try to press the pulse, it is normal. I couldn't help feeling puzzled and thought, "It's reasonable to say that with the skill and attainments of the seventh brother, stainless steel tile edging ,tile trim manufacturers, even Boller's means of poisoning can't help him, not to mention Pei Chun."? The drug he used, even from Boller, was the most virulent in the world. But as far as the skill of the seventh brother is concerned, he should be able to get together temporarily and never faint and die immediately. These questions flashed through his mind. He was originally a very capable and wise man. He changed his mind and thought, "I've heard for a long time that Pei Chun is loyal, benevolent and righteous, and has made friends with all the heroes in the world.". He respected and cherished his seventh brother very much. Could it be that this elixir had another effect? By the time he thought about it, Pei Chun had already begun to fight back. He had been defending himself with the Nine Styles of Tiangang. After his position was stable, he used Tianji to fight back. There are seven kinds of methods in Tianji, among which there are open attack and plot, far attack and near attack. At this time, he used the method of "fighting force" and poked the enemy's fist with one finger. With a bang, Murong Chi took a step back and felt a dull pain in his fist joints. Only then did the two sides separate and close, and the seal was opened three times. Pei Chun used the method of "Dongwei", pointing to the situation and sweeping it. "Shua" swept Murong Chi's forearm, leaving a white mark on Murong Chi's forearm. Murong Chi has never been hurt by the enemy in his life, but Pei Chun's two strokes made him feel very painful, especially the second one with numbness, which affected him, and the strength of the punch weakened a lot. On the contrary, Pei Chun discovered the way to control the enemy, and his moves became even more mysterious. He scratched him twice in the blink of an eye. Murong had lost his courage. He jumped out of the circle and shouted, "I can't!" "It's all right if you don't fight," said Pei Chun. "Please wait outside Wuzhang until Brother Lu Qi wakes up and goes home together. ” Murong Equator: "Is he not dead?" "He's all right," said Pei Chun. "He's just temporarily unconscious." Murong Chi obediently retreated to Wuzhang before standing and waiting. Pei Chun walked up to Lu Xing and said, "If Lord Dazhai can trust me, he will give Brother Lu Qi to me to help him wake up quickly." "All right," said Lu Hsing, "I'll bother." Put down the road seven, stride away, he did not ask Pei Chun, this is his wisdom. Because if he knew Pei Chun's true intention, he might not be able to explain to Xin Heigu. The elixir that Pei Chun had given to Lu Qi earlier was Liang Yao Wang's "broken elixir". Because Lu Qi had already taken Xin Heigu's "broken elixir", his body and mind were controlled by the power of the medicine, so he suddenly encountered the cracked medicine, which he could not resist at all, and his mind was confused and unconscious. At this moment, the potency of the "broken elixir" had already opened 78%. According to what Liang Kang had taught, Pei Chun patted the acupoints around his heart several times. Lu Qi opened his eyes and took a long breath. "Have you been in a coma for a long time, brother?" He asked. "It's not a long time," said Pei Chun. "Brother Lu Qi, please listen. What I gave you just now was the'broken elixir 'carefully prepared by Liang Yao Wang. Because you have taken the'elixir ', your mind is controlled by Miss Xin, and you are listed as one of the servants under her skirt. Now that the drug is off, what do you think is different? "Yes," said Lu Qi, "now my body and mind are recovering as usual. When I think of Miss Xin, I won't be in awe as before." He sat up and added, "Miss Xin tricked me into taking an elixir in a bet a year ago. I've never remembered that in the past year. A few days ago, she sent someone to summon me out of the mountains. I still remember what happened these days. It was really obedient to her orders,stainless tile trim, and I didn't dare not obey them at all.". Alas! Fortunately, brother Meng Pei has given me the antidote today, otherwise my brother will only be her servant for the rest of his life. 。