Close at hand

Shi Yu shrugged his shoulders. What if Zhangsun Hen and you are in the same camp? Ning Meng stared at Shi Yu. Shi Yu smiled, said nothing more, and turned away. Is Zhangsun Hen your enemy? Lin Xun asked. Ning Meng shook his head and refused to mention it again.


Zhuang Xu seemed to hear something interesting. He stared at Gu Man carefully for a few seconds and kissed him gently in his hair. "But I think you have something to attract me." Gu Man held back the disgust in his heart and stepped back. "Mr. Zhuang, please respect yourself." "Eh?"? Why do you smile so gently to Cao Huan, but so cold to me? Zhuang Xu has a good-looking face and pretends to be innocent, which makes people want to be close to him. But Gu Man turned his head and did not want to see his face or answer his question. She stepped back and was forced to sit on the bed by Zhuang Xu. This room belongs to my mother. When my father fell in love with her at first sight on TV, he chased her fiercely, but she had a beloved person and refused. Zhuang continued to twinkle his eyes, as if recalling the past. "My father was so rude that he captured my mother in this room and did not allow her to go out. Finally, my mother fell in love with my father." Gu Man heard Zhuang Xu tell her the old secret of the family, some uneasy in the heart, Zhuang Xu this appearance, some like a demon. But my father was a conqueror, and my mother fell in love with him, and he left my mother behind. He had one new woman after another, but he didn't spare my mother. Zhuang Xu's face was twisted. "Then my mother had no way out and jumped off the building in front of me." When Gu Man heard about the past of this senior, she seemed to be moved. She was pulled up by Zhuang Xu and stood on the windowsill and looked down. "You see, she jumped down from here. This building is so low. How could she die? She wanted to take me away." Zhuang Xu's voice was somewhat broken, and he was as confused as he was at that time. "How could he die?" Gu Man looked down with Zhuangxu's pulling strength and saw that the building was not high, at best it was only a small villa, and Zhuangxu's mother jumped down and died, which could be said to be an accident or fate. What about you? If I imprison you, will you love me? Zhuang Xu said softly in Gu Man's ear. He looked at Gu Man's face as he spoke. He thought Gu Man would change his face, but her face was still quiet. "I won't." She said lightly, "Forcing is never love.". Your mother doesn't necessarily love your father. Maybe all she has is fear. "It's love, it's love!" Zhuangxu's fist hit the wall beside Gu Man and said angrily, "If my mother doesn't love my father,ceramic bobbin heater, then what is he?"? The product of compulsion is that his mother is too weak to hold his father firmly in her hands. Oh, just like those women in the entertainment circle who are fascinated by him, with love, there is terror. If the average woman was hit by a fist, she would be frightened to cry, but Gu Man was not. She stood upright against the wall, her face was a little white, but she did not panic. Only she knew in her heart that in many nights, she was suffering so much, pretending to live calmly. And this time, she will get through it. How about we make a bet? Zhuang Xu seemed to think of some funny topic and said to Gu Man with a smile. What's the bet? Gu Man raised his eyes faintly and asked, now all she can do is to delay time. Bet your black news spread to the streets and alleys known to everyone, Cao Huan will not be good to you as before. Zhuang Xu said frivolously, alumina c799 ,Alumina Ceramic C795, straightening Gu Man's face. "If he believes in you, I'll let you go. If he doesn't believe in you, you're mine." Gu Man's heart pounded and nodded slightly, "I bet, but you can't touch me until the result comes out." "Oh.." Do you still think you're going to win? Zhuang Xu laughed and said, "Do you remember Wang Fen?"? She has loved Cao Shao for a long time and is waiting to confide in the frustrated Cao Shao. "I will win." Gu Man did not want to say more with Zhuang Xu, but repeated these three words heavily, as if to convince himself. I promise you that I will not touch you before the bet comes out, and I will let you slowly understand the feeling of heart death. Zhuang Xu stepped back and waved to Gu Man, "Good sleep today, my Cinderella.". ” Gu Man watched Zhuang Xu leave the room and sat on the edge of the bed, "Hey, do you think you will win?" She said to the air, waiting for her, but it was a long silence. Gu Man knew that he was really afraid. A Qiao receives Gu Man to want a person quiet text message is not unexpected, Gu Man is this kind of encounter pressure and frustration then hide to rest for a while. But this matter is very urgent, if Gu Man does not come out earlier to make a statement, rather let a person feel a little guilty of being a thief. A Qiao wants to let Gu Man be quiet for a day or two, then calls her out. But the next day, she received a phone call from Cao. Cao Shao? A Qiao is a little surprised to the phone, "Gu Man did not contact you?"? You can't get through to her on the phone. Gu Man, this fool, what is the affectation at this time? The first time should be explained to Cao, "Cao Shao, Gu Man is in a bad mood recently because of those news, so I want to be quiet alone." A Qiao patiently explained to Cao. Cao was worried about Gu Man. When he heard Joe talking about the news, he couldn't help frowning and asked, "What news?" Eh? Don't you know the news? A Qiao wants to beat his two mouths, some guilty said: "You search Gu Man's news will know." Chapter 88. Cao hustle heard a Qiao some guilty voice, feel some bad, he hung up the phone and went to the office computer, search the name of Gu Man, if before, Gu Man's name is a string of a string of praise, but now there are only anecdotes of her and boss Wang, and the evaluation is all very negative, Gu Man will pay all these efforts are rejected. It seems that she relied on boss Wang to get the best actress. Boss Wang's name, Cao Huan is also heard of for a long time, also saw him with different female stars in and out of various occasions, but he never thought his girlfriend would be involved with boss Wang, Cao Huan's hand trembled a little, he took a deep breath in the office chair,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, took out his cell phone and dialed Liu Qing's phone. Liu Qing quickly answered the phone, but his voice was somewhat hesitant, "Brother.." "You already know that?" Cao asked his sister in a low voice.