Crazy base

Shi Yu shrugged his shoulders. What if Zhangsun Hen and you are in the same camp? Ning Meng stared at Shi Yu. Shi Yu smiled, said nothing more, and turned away. Is Zhangsun Hen your enemy? Lin Xun asked. Ning Meng shook his head and refused to mention it again.


In the mining area of boss Xiaoning, everyone was very polite when they saw him, because some of the machinery and equipment of the small leaders of the workers here belonged to the people of Sshi and were leased to boss Xiaoning for use, so for the equipment maintenance personnel in the mining area, it was to please them in every way, and Sshi would not give less benefits every time, in order to make their machinery and equipment less mmáo disease. Use it for a few more years. Xiaoning came to him this time because the two coal conveyor belts were not very sharp, which affected the speed of raw coal output from underground. Xu Linyuan had dealt with this problem several times, but it was not difficult. But this time Xu Linyuan came with a purpose, so after he had eaten, put on his overalls and helmet, he went straight down the coal well. Ning Guohua and his brother Xiaoning's mining areas are large mines, and safety measures are strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant state regulations, so they are relatively safe. After Xu Linyuan went down the coal well, all the facilities inside were complete and the ventilation was good. The miner's lamp illuminated every corner as if it were day. After he came down, he also happened to meet a group of workers who were ready to leave work to greet him. Further deeper, it was rare to meet anyone. Only then did Xu Linyuan take out the control core of the base. When the purple sè indicator flashed, he said, "Scan the location of the base and shield the monitoring equipment nearby." "Monitoring equipment has been shielded, with your location as the center point,ceramic bobbin heater core, the southeast corner of the detection is about 76 meters away from the base, three-dimensional coordinates (238.185.136), but at 64 meters, there are obstacles blocking, obstacles need to be cleared!" After confirming the location and coordinates, Xu Linyuan put the control core of the base away. After going around a mine d dòng, he did not move again at the location where he confirmed the distance of 50 meters again. He looked around, found a dead corner of the power box,Ceramic Band Heater, opened the power box, and then used a lead to connect the two ends of the base core to the lead. After that, he pulled up the relevant power knife switch, and then saw a streamer flashing, and the purple s sè indicator light turned blue and purple. It is the core intelligence that tells him about the smart charging mode, which is a bit like a mobile phone charger. After charging for a while, Xu Linyuan put the core of the base in the power box. After closing the power box, according to the coordinates indicated to him by the intelligent core just now, he bypassed a mine d dòng and walked forward about 25 meters. He found that the front was almost over, which was the key area of coal mining construction. It seemed that it was not in the d dòng area of this mine. Xu Linyuan retreated and went deep along the fork of another d dòng mine. He found that after turning a small bend this time, one of them was a normal coal mining operation point, but the other was a coal mining point that had been abandoned and closed after half of the mining. There was also a sign beside it, marked with the slogan "dangerous area, no construction". Seeing this new brand, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic igniter electrodes, Xu Linyuan sneered and did not go over, but returned to the power box, opened the power box and took down the core of the base. When the blue and purple indicator light gradually turned purple and began to flash, indicating that it had entered the working mode, Xu Linyuan asked: "How much energy is charged now?" "Boss, the current charge has reached 6.1%, has reached the minimum energy consumption standard to start the initialization base!" Xu Linyuan's chin was about to fall off: "No, I just left for a while, and in less than five or six minutes, I charged 5.6% of the energy. How much electricity does this have to absorb and consume?" It seems that the intelligent system did not answer the question because it thought it was too small. Instead, a purple light came out from the two holes of the capsule, and in the blink of an eye, a three-dimensional image was gathered. The logo on it was like a small map in the game, and there was a big red dot and several small green dots. Xu Linyuan could see clearly that the green dot was his own point, because these were moving, and the others were far away from him, indicating that the miners who were off duty were leaving one after another. And the red dot, which had been motionless, was just flashing, without any sign of movement, just in time with the flashing frequency of the control core indicator, indicating that it was the base. With the mood of moving, Xu Linyuan traced the past along the direction of the red dot. When he came to the area with the sign again, he found that the red dot and the purple sè indicator light were flashing rapidly, and the frequency was much faster. Xu Linyuan could confirm that the base was near the front. But behind the sign was blocked by several boulders, which made Xu Linyuan difficult, how to remove these boulders, and how to dig out the base became a problem. However, at the same time, the intelligent core issued a prompt: "Boss, you have arrived within 50 meters of the base, and the internal power system of the base will automatically activate. Do you consume 0.05% of the energy to start the built-in mechanical arm of the base to dig and clear the surrounding obstacles?" "And this function?" When Xu Linyuan heard this, he was overjoyed. He hurriedly ate the rice and nodded: "Start the built-in mechanical bend immediately to clean up and dig!" Buzz! After Xu Linyuan issued the instruction, he faintly heard a violent friction sound nearby, as well as the sound of metal cutting, just like the drill bit of coal mining, which was very powerful. Xu Linyuan also did not wait long, when he heard the cutting sound more and more intense, then saw a stone wall suddenly appeared on a very light, faint light flow, but appears to be very sharp blade, like a knife cutting paper in a very hard stone wall for penetration cutting. Boom! Xu Linyuan stared, as the blade cut an arched mouth on a stone wall, followed by a huge impact, as if a bomb buried inside the mountain had been detonated,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, only a huge sound and a stream of light, but the bombarded stones did not fly around, like melting ice. It collapsed from top to bottom and turned into a pile of powder.