Origin and extinction

Shi Yu shrugged his shoulders. What if Zhangsun Hen and you are in the same camp? Ning Meng stared at Shi Yu. Shi Yu smiled, said nothing more, and turned away. Is Zhangsun Hen your enemy? Lin Xun asked. Ning Meng shook his head and refused to mention it again.


"But I still feel cheated!" He put his face close to Ruolan and looked at her face exaggeratedly, as if he wanted to find some clues. Afraid I'll lie to you again? What do you have to cheat? No money, no sex! She smiled grumpily, but avoided his eyes. And he followed closely. Use me to cross the bridge! He was complaining and inquiring. "You tell almost everyone you're in love with someone else, and you hint that it might be me!"! So you have to divorce Jinyang before you get reborn, so that you can throw yourself into the arms of the person you love after you get healthy! You let Jin Yang feel that you never loved him, these days you really let Jin Yang give up on you! Because you want Jinyang to get real freedom and spiritual liberation! Divorce before the operation is because you are afraid that if the operation fails, he will live in the shadow of your death all his life. You wish you were his ex-wife, not his dead wife! You said that if there was an afterlife, you would marry him again, because in fact, the only man you loved was Jinyang, and all you did now was to make him hate you. Hate can make him forget the pain of losing you faster! This is your last gift of love to him! I've been listening to the recording of you and Wang Dahai these days. That's your real voice. You like me, but you don't love me! He sighed and could see that he was a little disappointed. Is there nothing else to ask me? She didn't want to answer him. Did she acquiesce or not want to explain? She's more interested in other things. What do you want me to ask you? He smiled at her, as if pleased to be able to tease her. Don't you wonder why I can make your mother's pancakes? She thought for a moment. It's a local snack, and all of us can make it! He's still teasing her. She was so angry that she punched him on the shoulder, and this ambiguous action happened to be seen by Jinyang,Ozone generator ceramic plate, Xiaoxiao, and Zhao Min, who followed her. They give the impression that they are flirting. Jin Yang's face was livid, Xiao Xiao was embarrassed, and Zhao Min wanted to run. I talked to Yan Lao, and he is very confident about your operation tomorrow! Jin Yang's voice was dry,ceramic bobbin element, as if he had nothing to say to ease the embarrassment just now. Thank you, Jin Yang! She is kind like treating relatives, but people feel extremely polite, "Xiao Zhao, are Xiao Xiao obedient these days?" "All right!"! What about you? Does it feel good? Would you like me to make you something to eat? She was stuttering, and she could see that she felt that her situation was very delicate at the moment. Thank you! Old Ji, if you are free, can you go to Xiao Zhao's place to see Xiao Xiao? Even if my operation is successful, there is still a period of recovery. Will Xiaoxiao live with his godmother? Ruolan did not feel anything, Ji Qiang stood up, but still stood beside the bed. What you say is what you say! Hasn't it been decided? She was very dissatisfied with her mother. I especially understand Lord Ye now! She smiled. She didn't regret letting her daughter learn to retort. She looked very happy. She turned to look at her ex-husband. "Are you getting along well with the company?" The company has sent something for me to show you! I went back to them, and if they really quit, 7g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic Bobbin, they won't care about anything anymore! As long as the executive board does not do anything out of line, we will not be the overlord! He deals with the matter as it is without a trace of emotion. But he still unconsciously regarded himself as a member of the district family, and then he wanted to slap himself. Look at her. She has no special reaction. She doesn't seem to recognize his language defect. That's right! She nodded and smiled, "You don't care, now is the transition period, they also point to the district home and then come out to work for them!"! Make it clear that the carriage and horse support the CEO! All right, rest! He knows how to do it! Ji Qiang shook his head. As soon as she talked about business, there was no end to it. But Jin Yang listens to him to say so very uncomfortable, feels as if he is the secretary of Ruolan, and he is the husband of Ruolan. He stared at Ji Qiang. Ruolan did not look at them, and she was wise enough to avoid the men's affairs. She looked at her daughter, came in so long she stood beside Zhao Min, she was observing them, her plan to transform her daughter seems to be very unsuccessful! "Xiaoxiao, come and let Mom hug you!" She waved to her daughter. She will be in the operating room tomorrow, and no one knows whether she can come out alive or not. She feels that her heart hurts. Xiaoxiao obediently snuggled into her arms. She held her daughter quietly and two tears welled up in her eyes. Jin Yang did not turn his head and went to the window and looked out of the window in a daze. Zhao Min sighed faintly. Ji Qiang looked at them quietly. Everyone was silent, so that their mother and daughter could be quiet for a while. When Ji Qiang noticed that her tears had dried, he whispered something in her daughter's ear. His heart beat unconsciously, and the feeling of being designed became stronger. She finished before letting go of her daughter, Ji Qiang carefully looked at Xiaoxiao's expression, he hoped that the 10-year-old Xiaoxiao was not as good at acting as her mother! Xiaoxiao did not say anything but stared at her mother, she could not understand what her mother wanted to do. But she didn't ask any questions. This seems to be Ruolan's confession, she does not let Xiaoxiao reveal any details. They looked at each other and made eye contact. Is that possible? After all, she was still a child, and she couldn't help asking questions. Ruolan smiled, very cunning, and drew a cross on his chest, "He who believes in me will live forever!" She really thinks she's God. Xiaoxiao learned Ji Qiang's signature expression, gave her a white look, and jumped out of bed. Do you know! Mom, I think anyone who could be your friend is in trouble! One of the most unfortunate is my father and me! She was very angry. Ruolan laughed and pulled her daughter over and kissed her hard on her face. She liked to challenge other people's psychological limits. It's her pleasure to see others break their skills! Xiaoxiao was mad and pulled Zhao Min, who had not yet figured out the situation, "Godmother!"! Let's go. Dad, go quickly, too. I think my mother is out of her mind! She ran out like running away, so that others were more curious about the conversation between their mother and daughter, but Ji Qiang and Jin Yang looked at her expression and knew that she would not say, and consciously stopped asking,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Jin Yang looked at Ji Qiang as if he did not intend to go, he smiled, self-deprecating wry smile. global-ceramics.com