The Delicate Mussel Spirit of the Scientific Research Big Brother

All of a sudden,outdoor spa manufacturers, only the two of them were left in the noodle shop. Star, why don't you speak? Are you so unhappy? Jill saw that his complexion had been bad, and her heart became depressed.


But the behavior gave up, Aunt You did not really put down, has been fantasizing that her daughter can come back, so she did not go to court to apply for declaration of death, also did not take the death certificate to cancel the daughter's household registration. In their small place, these are not strict. She did not know why Jing Heng mentioned this, but she was not in a relaxed mood when she mentioned it, especially when her eldest daughter, whom she had raised with all her efforts, dropped out of school and broke up with her, so her face and mood darkened and she was not in the mood to think about anything else. She shook her head. "No, keep it. I believe she's still alive." It is because of this, Jing Heng will feel that the following is a little difficult to say, afraid to touch the bottom line of Aunt You. But having decided to say it, he did not intend to stop at this time, so he said directly: "I want to borrow your daughter's identity to use, ask for you to mention." Jing Heng always spoke coldly, as if he were a completely emotionless person. Is this matter, said is also simply like a transaction, completely did not take out the feelings of Zhuzhu and Aunt You to pave the way, he does not like to use feelings to hold people hostage. Aunt You was stunned for a moment, then she thought of something and glanced into the pool. Jing Heng didn't have to guess much by herself. She continued, "You already know the true identity of Zhuzhu now. She doesn't have a home. That's why I thought of bothering you. I know it may be difficult for you, but I still want to try." Aunt You took her eyes back and fell to the ground, but did not speak. Jing Heng did not know what she was thinking and went on to say, "a black family like Zhu Zhu, who is over fourteen years old, does not meet the conditions for adoption and cannot find a family to adopt her.". She doesn't have a birth certificate or a paternity test. It's hard to get a registered permanent residence for her in a place like Dream City. If you have to do it,jacuzzi bath spa, you will be afraid of trouble if you go down through layers of relationships. Aunt You, of course, understood that Jing Heng wanted Zhuzhu to use her daughter's identity to get Zhuzhu out of the trouble of the black household without being noticed. Without an ID card, she is a person outside the social system, equivalent to a "dead man" who can't do a lot of things. But it was brought up so suddenly that her mind was confused at the moment and she had no idea. Jing Heng saw that she did not speak, so he had to fight for it again. "I believe your daughter is still alive, and she must have a new identity.". I also know that you are waiting for her to come back, so you will keep the household registration. It's really a little hard for you, but I can assure you that Zhuzhu is just using your daughter's unwanted household registration status, and will never replace your daughter's real position, and will not really trouble you as your daughter. If you have any other requirements, such as money, I will try to meet them. You aunt is embarrassed, Jing Heng put forward this request, outdoor whirlpool ,jacuzzi suppliers, she subconsciously thought is, if the identity to Zhuzhu, her daughter came back how to do? Although she knew rationally that her daughter might never come back, she had an obsession in her heart. She likes Zhuzhu very much and always takes care of Zhuzhu as her own daughter, but as a daughter is not a real daughter, which is essentially different. Zhuzhu and her daughter are two real people. Aunt You took one look at Jing Heng's face, because she had a deep obsession with her daughter and could not give an answer for a moment, so she said, "Sir, I know. Let me think about it.". I'll answer you when I'm ready. Jing Heng's words have been said, there is nothing to say more, everything depends on the meaning of Aunt You. If she is willing to help nature is the best, if not, it can only wait for other opportunities, there is no way, then find a hard account. He stopped talking and nodded gently. "Well, I'm not in a hurry. You think about it first." Chapter 47, Chapter 047 Aunt You left Jing Heng's house and returned to her residence. She took a bath and washed absentmindedly. She rubbed the shower gel on her hair and squeezed the shampoo on the bath ball flower. Topsy-turvy, my mind was full of what Jing Heng had just mentioned to her. She probably can understand, Jing Heng will ask her to help this favor, one is because she knows the identity of Zhuzhu, and after time to confirm, he believes that she will not be adverse to Zhuzhu. Second, because she is inconspicuous enough, no one will pay attention to her. If Jing Heng entrusts himself to Zhuzhu's registered permanent residence, this troublesome matter is likely to arouse the curiosity and attention of many irrelevant people. In this profit-first society, there are not many people who can fully believe in it. It's a great honor that she is now trusted by Jing Heng. And this problem falls on Aunt You herself, and she has a knot in her heart. Her debt and obsession with her little daughter can't be untied for a while. After all, if she hadn't taken good care of herself, the child would not have been lost. After taking a bath and drying her hair, she lay down on the bed, staring at the pure white round lampshade on the roof, weighing back and forth in her mind whether she could put down her obsession with her little daughter and help Zhuzhu? If she helped Zhuzhu, would her little daughter blame her? But in fact, intellectually, she also knew that she would never know whether her little daughter would blame her. How can a child who has been lost for fifteen years come back. It's just that she can't get around it and untie the knot. Just as I was thinking of the most stuffy and breathless time, the mobile phone beside the pillow rang. Surprised by the ringing of the mobile phone, Aunt You reached out to pick up the mobile phone and saw the unknown number calling on the screen. Not knowing who was still on the phone so late, she picked it up at random and put it to her ear, saying in a low voice, "Hello?" There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and Xiao Yuqin's voice came, "It's me." Hearing Xiao Yuqin's voice, Aunt You was a little more energetic and no longer as wilting as she had just been. Xiao Yuqin has not contacted her for a long time, since she dropped out of school and cut off contact with her, she really thought Xiao Yuqin was going to break off the mother-daughter relationship with her. She said that to keep her from dropping out of school,endless pool factory, and she didn't really want to break off the relationship. The child is really not obedient, and finally when the parents admit their bad luck to bear it, otherwise what else can they do? Xiao Yuqin is her only relative and her spiritual pillar all the time. She won't deny her because she dropped out of school. Aunt You propped up the bed with her elbows and sat up with more strength in her voice. "It's a light rain.".