Shaolin Magic Pattern Master of the Other World

Or is it just for him? Yago Doug hesitated for a moment and looked at his own comrade-in-arms Leonid. "This.." "Freedom!" Du Wei suddenly threw out such a hard word. The firmness of his words The determination of attitude. Let a few old guys can not help but be move


No, how can there be a dragon? And the golden-winged ROC that seems to be more imposing? Looked at the top of the head that roared away the two super Warcraft, led a group of curses rushed over aggressively, the elder heart passed a touch of foreboding, but a person out of the brigade toward the previous hole and other people in the house rushed past. How did this happen? Damn it, I let them get away! Is this what the patriarch calls a foreigner with sincerity? The elder who rushed into the house had a long face, especially when he saw the broken wall in the west, he roared again and again. At this time, the cursed people who followed him also saw the broken wall, crying out one by one, and the crowd was excited. Brothers, those damned strangers have run away. We must not let them touch the treasure of the Demon Emperor. Let's go after it with me! The elder, the younger brother of the twin brothers, shouted angrily and led the cursed people through the open wall and rushed out. Three hundred meters ahead, a lonely and proud figure stood straight in front of them like an iron tower. Heart I do not know why suddenly perturbed by the curse of the elders of the clan did not stop the pace, this ten thousand years, experienced countless people, but the final result, those self-righteous people have all become a skeleton stick. It's you. How dare you escape without permission. Where are your companions? Approaching about ten meters later, the elder waved his hand, and about three or four hundred people of the curse clan who followed him stopped one after another,filter nozzle, staring at the human who blocked their way in front of them with a pair of fierce eyes. Run away without permission? Don't you think your words are funny and retarded? Kong Wen smiled, but his eyes were extremely cold. This guy who did not know the depth of heaven and earth actually brought out only three or four hundred guys who were not a threat to himself. Didn't the man in golden armor know his fighting power? Or is it not the Golden Man's idea that these people come? (To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please visit wwwcom, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading!) 。 Chapter 233 of the main text 2328 times of crazy head shots. Updated: September 27, 2009 20:04:17 Words in this Chapter: 3896 I don't care who you are, no matter how you persuade our patriarch, we will not allow you to do this, you do this is murder, Belt Filter Press ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, do you know? The elder stopped the clamoring clansmen behind him and stared at Kong Wen. This world is the law of the jungle. How many people have you killed all the time? Why didn't you say murder? Kong Wen doesn't want to make the relationship stiff for the time being. After all, if this man comes out privately, then the man in golden armor should come soon, so it's better to wait a little longer. They want to kill us, so they have to die! "Then if you want to kill me, don't you deserve to die?" "You are being unreasonable!" "How can I rob without words?"? Don't fool me with those stupid theories. In the final analysis, the fundamental reason is that you have immortality and can ignore each other's attacks, so you can live until now! But don't you realize that it's hard and tiring to live too long? You have all lived for ten thousand years, and it is time for you to sleep. Kong Wen smiled and looked at the trembling guy in front of him, but in his heart he was secretly wondering, this guy who has lived for ten thousand years, how can his language ability be so poor? I won't talk nonsense with you. Where are your accomplices? Hand them over and accept our verdict. Maybe the patriarch won't want your lives! The elder, who knew that he was no match in language, waved his hand suddenly. Behind him, the cursed people raised their weapons one after another. Twenty or thirty people in front pulled the bowstring. The gleaming arrows were aimed at the holes. Ha-ha ha-ha ha I'm laughing my ass off. I have never seen such an interesting thing. I really have never heard such a funny joke. It's a waste of talent if you don't act in a sketch! Kong Wen laughed heartily. I don't know when the Xuan Iron Bar has appeared in my hand. The violent breath gradually condensed in his laughter. This is the sign before Kong Wen's rage. Damn it. To make fun of me. Then let you die without a body! The elders of the cursed clan were furious. With a wave of his hand. Behind him, there were more than twenty arrows in a harsh "whoosh" sound. It shot at all parts of the body of the hole. I have given you enough time to react. I have done my best. Since you don't cherish it. Then I have nothing to say. Do you really think I'm easy to mess with? ' With a sneer from Kong Wen, the golden light on his body flourished, and when he started, he saw a bright light on his head, and a golden bell suddenly appeared. At the same time, his body surface emitted a burning golden light, and the whole person seemed to be made of gold, full of metal texture. Dang Dang Dang ~ A series of dense crash sounded in the desert, then see the twenty arrows instantly penetrate the distance between each other, attack on the hole grain body, but the hole grain defense at this time is really to a terrible realm, the arrow shot as if it fell on a steel plate, the arrow was knocked open the gap, fell to the ground! "This.." How is that possible? The elder of the curse clan hesitated, but roared loudly, brandished a pike in his hand, and stabbed at the hole. Behind him, the people of the cursed clan saw their elders so desperate, and they all surged up, and saw three or four hundred dark men waving their weapons and chopping around a golden statue. The dense sound of slashing was heard all the time, which gave people a feeling of dismemberment. But standing in the center of the hole is not afraid,disc air diffuser, in the hands of the Xuan iron bar identified the elder who encouraged the people to attack the hole, let the members of the curse clan attack themselves like tickling, the Xuan iron bar on hand is according to the elder's forehead bombardment! "Peng ~".