Agent Silly Queen

Or is it just for him? Yago Doug hesitated for a moment and looked at his own comrade-in-arms Leonid. "This.." "Freedom!" Du Wei suddenly threw out such a hard word. The firmness of his words The determination of attitude. Let a few old guys can not help but be move


"Ha ha, I knew you were a good and sensible boy!" The queen immediately said with a smile. After a pause, she said with emotion: "Xiaojie!"! Don't we women just want to rely on a responsible man? But because the wind left the palace as a child, and after coming back has not been active in political affairs. Although his father wanted to cultivate him, he refused to cooperate, which made his father very angry. Let this palace also very anxious for him! Now, with Ben Gong and his father protecting him, he can live so comfortably. I can't imagine what kind of situation he will become after we become ancient? So I would like to ask you to help persuade him to accept his father's arrangement. Only when he became the crown prince could he slowly gather power. Only then will he be able to compete with his brother, won't he? "Yes!"! What the empress said is very true! But Elder Martial Brotherther's character is always unswerving. He doesn't even listen to you. How can you listen to my little sister? Leng Jie followed the queen's words to agree at the same time, but also to show their own position. The queen took Leng Jie's hand and said kindly, "The friendship between Feng'er and you is in the eyes of the palace.". I believe that as long as you can encourage him to do his duty as a prince,MBR reactor, he will accept it. Does the empress think too highly of Xiaojie? Xiaojie dare not have such a big influence! Although Elder Martial Brother is good to Xiaojie, Xiaojie should also stick to her duty as a Younger Martial Sister, shouldn't she? Leng Jie replied lightly. The queen saw Leng Jie blindly shirk, and began to hang a little. She withdrew her cold hand and took up the tea beside her and sighed. Said in a cold voice: I know you don't want to share your husband. But as a royal, how can you just focus on one woman? Even if the wind is not the prince,Lamella Plate Settler, he can't marry you alone. In your capacity, you are only qualified to be a concubine for Feng'er. Now that the emperor has made an exception to make you the crown prince and concubine, you should be satisfied! Can't you pretend at last? She just couldn't bear to see that this woman was obviously a selfish mortal, but she always pretended to be charitable to deceive people. Especially dare to cheat her feelings for half a month. If she doesn't get it back with interest now, it's not Leng Jie. Leng Jie sneered in her heart. Then make a look of fear and trepidation, trembling back: "Xiaojie knows that she doesn't deserve to be a senior fellow apprentice in this palace, but when we were in the Valley of Sans Souci, we loved each other and there was no difference in rank and status.". Therefore, lamella clarifer ,Rotating sludge scraper, Xiaojie felt that Elder Martial Brother should not be the prince. It would be better to go back to Wuyou Valley with Xiaojie. "Pow!" With a cry, the queen was so angry with Leng Jie's words that she threw the teacup out of her hand. Then he got up and pointed to Leng Jie's nose and shouted angrily: You! You short-sighted woman! I trust you so much, but you have such an intention. You, you go back to Jinghe at once! "Yes!"! Xiaojie, this time Jinghe! Leng Jie answered. Then he turned and went out. The queen was so angry that her face turned green. She and the emperor's drugs are not finished, how can we really let her go? She cried in a trembling voice: "Wait!"! What do you want? Tell me! As long as it's not about state affairs, the palace can promise you. "Is it?"? Doesn't the empress know exactly what Xiaojie wants? Leng Jie still replied lightly. Although the queen's heart was itching with hatred, it was for her purpose. She could only suppress her anger for a while. Put on a peaceful attitude, softly exhorted: With Feng'er's feelings for you, even if he marries Concubine Ping. It's good for you, too. Look at the emperor, although he has three palaces and six courtyards, isn't he always the only wife in his heart? Besides, you should know that the marriage between Feng'er and Dorothy was decided when he was a child. And Dorothy's father was the prime minister. If Feng breaks off his marriage, he will lose an important political supporter. In this way, even if he wanted to be the prince, he would not be able to sit still. Think about it, if the wind is oppressed by his emperor. As his concubine, don't you have to suffer as well? So, Auntie, please! Don't add to the confusion. Go back and talk to him. ” It is Leng Jie's consistent style to quit while he is getting better. She made a look of thinking, and after a long time. Only then suddenly realized that: "Auntie taught me a very good lesson. As the saying goes, the husband sings and the wife follows."! Naturally, Xiaojie can't hold Elder Martial Brother back. You can rest assured that Xiaojie will go back this time to persuade Elder Martial Brother to put national affairs first. Then he got up and said goodbye to the queen. The queen's goal has been achieved, and naturally she will not stay. Leng Jie went out of the queen's Fengyin Palace and was in a good mood. She hummed a ditty all the way, enjoying the snowy scenery and walking slowly to the Qingfeng Hall. Walking to the corner of a long corridor, a romantic young man in a black and shiny mink coat with a pair of peach blossom eyes suddenly appeared in front of Leng Jie. And asked with a laugh: "Hehe!"! What happy event did Miss Leng meet? So happy? This is the famous second prince! It's better to meet than to be famous! His appearance is much better than Leng Jie's imagination of a traitor. However, his natural peach blossom eyes make him give people a sense of loveliness. Leng Jie gave him a silly smile and replied without any scheming: "The emperor is going to make my brother the crown prince!"! Of course I'm happy! But who are you? Chapter 116 meet the girl in the cold. Leng Jie gave him a silly smile and replied without any scheming: "The emperor is going to make my brother the crown prince!"! Of course I'm happy! But who are you? The peach blossom eyes narrowed into a line,fine bubble diffuser, and the blurred eyes that had been charming just now became dangerous and violent in an instant. His face suddenly darkened with a ruffian smile. But this expression only appeared for a moment, and then he resumed his former romantic appearance. Said in a flirtatious tone: "Hehe!"! Have you been a guest in my house for half a month? You don't recognize me as your master? "Oh!"! You are my brother's half-brother! Said Leng Jie as if suddenly enlightened. Then he pursed his lips deliberately and looked at him slowly from head to foot with squinting eyes. The two princes were complacent by Leng Jie, and very narcissistic said:.