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Catching eclectic imps (safe) prerequisites: 50 Hunter, Lost City pursuit (for Zanaris bank accessibility and easy teleport into Puro Puro), impling jars. Implings can be captured in Puro Puro kingdom that's a homeland to RS gold Imp-like creatures. For there players can locate teleporting circles produced by Imps in wheat areas around Gielinor.

Another way of accessing this realm involves teleportation via a Fairy Ring to Zanaris where you can locate a permanent wheat area teleport. To do this players need to complete two components of Fairy Tale pursuit which grants entry to Fairy Ring teleportation network and to Zanaris teleport. Once you arrive in Puro Puro head over to the south where Eclectic Implings tend to spawn and start catching.

Though 50 Hunter is the requirement necessary to start off, we advocate reaching to 58 which unlocks Nature Implings. You can exchange those for Jar Generator in Elnock's Exchange. This one may be necessary, since jars do split very often and with no Jar Generator it may be annoying to farm there. So while farming, then be certain that you take one Nature Impling, two Eclectic ones and three Essence Implings and exchange those for Jar Generator. Another item which you aim to do would be that a Magical Net that raises the chance of you catching the Impling. Both Fletching and Woodcutting skills will be significant to your Ironman account but you also may gain from these as a gold makers. All you need to do is to fletch best bows you could make. You also want to buy OSRS gold finish them, so make sure that you attach strings. If you've got High Alchemy, then you should receive far better gain but if you do not, your very best call is going to be to market everything you make to the general shop.